Full Circle

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Just as the sage grouse dances in circles, that sacred spiral sometimes applies to my own work. Thus the symbol of the nautilus.
At this phase I have returned to the studio to work independently, doing freelance art direction, graphic design, and illustration. Autonomy and flexibility have many benefits, yet the challenge of meeting monetary needs is sometimes met on a close margin.
As an artist I am thrilled to move into mentoring and teaching! The next adventure includes offering oil painting classes to small groups. Especially gratifying are folks who have never painted before and always wanted to give it a try.
Full circle: back in the art studio, a bit messy, with a lot more freedom!


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Snowy Plovers run after the retreating surf
feasting on the bits of life left behind
Dashing back when the next wave spills after
My heart wakes up and beats blood back into my being
alive again and shocked at how long I have been asleep
My rejoicing soul surges like the sea
breaking wave after wave on wet sand
A rising tide claiming more dry ground
dancing up the rocks to
avoid getting swept away.

©2017 Kirsten Peterson

Buckets of Black

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Removing heavy darkness by the pail
Opening every eye to let winter winds push rank air out
Melting stale blood from small cracks in glass
Pounding hard enough to shake the whole house
Releasing decades of dust free to settle again any where
I command evil to depart with every bucket of black
Load… after load… after load…

©2016 Kirsten Peterson

The Secret

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The secret to happiness is… most people fill in the blank with love. Today I believe the secret to happiness is courage. The courage to step into the unknown and make it known. The courage to feel all of your vulnerable humanity without retreating. The courage to simply be, simply.


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It has been said that "the only constant in the universe is change". This fact is as clear to me as a fresh mountain stream, in the spring. Rushing down the canyon so fast that it's dangerous to jump in. But jump I must! Mid-air I can still hear my grandfather's baritone holler "swim Kirsty, swim"!